Understanding the Label

The BWF-CERTIFIRE label and new Fire Door Alliance Label provides traceability through the supply chain, ensuring the manufacturer can always be contacted if further information on the fire door is required.

The Scheme has a variety of labels to suit the ratings and requirements of different jobs. Labels should NEVER be removed from the door.

Understanding the Label

The label displays the member’s name and phone number, and, where applicable, the certification number, a unique serial number and the door’s fire rating.

How Traceability Works

The traceability label provides a system which allows manufacturers, convertors, installers, inspectors and clients to check on the history and correct use of the door.
By using the unique numbering system it enables any person to follow the processing of the door AND to check if the door has been used in the correct application or configuration according to the door’s fire test evidence and certificate.

The Prime Fire Door Manufacturer –¬† will start by putting a label on the top edge of the fire door indicating the door’s rating and test evidence. The CF number on the label is the door manufacturer’s certificate number for that particular door design and can be used to check that the door has been specified and installed correctly. By using the unique number on each label, the manufacturer will record where the door has initially been sold to.

Glazed aperture doors  РIf a Licensed Converter then makes any adjustments to a fire door, such as fitting a vision panel, they will attach their own label next to that of the manufacturer and record where the door has then been sold. If the door has been altered, such as by fitting a glazed vision panel, and does not carry a second label, then, unless this process was undertaken by the door manufacturer, the door certificate may be invalidated. Unauthorised cutting vision panels on site is prohibited.

Frame labels – A separate label is placed on the head of a certificated frame, lining or casing.

The CF Certificate Number – allows the door’s test evidence to be checked, and if necessary, copies of the manufacturer’s certificate and test summary held on file for future reference.

You can search for Certifire Fire Door certificates and other accredited products by visiting the Warringtonfire website

You can search for Q-Mark Fire Door certificates and other accredited products by visiting the BM TRADA website

Replacement labels

Although the label should not be removed, accidents may happen.

There are strict rules for the issuing of replacement labels which MUST match the original information.

You MUST provide evidence that the original door has been supplied by the manufacturer or converter, such as the original CF and unique number (if known) and / or invoices from the supplier which enables the manufacture to verify the information. The manufacturer or converter may wish to have a representative visit the site to confirm the information is correct. (There may be a charge for this service)