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What is the BWF Fire Door Alliance?
What is the BWF Fire Door Alliance?
What is the BWF Fire Door Alliance?

The Fire Door Alliance is operated and managed by the British Woodworking Federation (BWF). It was established by leading manufacturers to bring the membership management, lobbying and promotion skills of the BWF to support promotion of third-party certification. Membership is open only to companies holding 3rd Party Certification under either the BWF Certifire or Q-Mark schemes.

The Fire Door Alliance extends the work of the BWF-CERTIFIRE Fire Door and Doorset Scheme that was established in 1997 by a group of Prime Fire Door Manufacturers aiming to increase the standard of fire doors across the supply chain.  The BWF Fire Door Alliance has now expanded to include not just the market leaders in fire door manufacturing, but also in converting fire doors, ironmongery, intumescent seals and glazing systems, and, more recently, merchants and installers.

The Scheme Mission is:

To ensure that only third-party certified fire doors, installed by certified companies, should be used in the UK.

Scheme Objectives

The principal aims of the Scheme are:

  • To improve the standard of fire doors installed in the UK
  • To educate the construction industry about the importance of third party certification of fire doors and passive fire protection systems
  • To raise awareness and educate the consumers, and users (most notably the Responsible People) of their liabilities and how they effectively manage their risk
  • To help members increase their market share and sales.
  • To move the market progressively towards fire doorsets as the best way to achieve the Scheme objectives long term.

Achievements of the Fire Door Alliance

Whilst data on the number of fire doors is not readily available, it was estimated that around 4 million timber fire doors were sold into the UK market in 2017. The scheme is estimated to account for approximately 80% of all fire doors sold in the UK.

Over approximately two decades, the BWF Certifire Scheme (now the Fire Door Alliance) has:

  • Made significant inroads in driving third party certification into specifications
  • Launched Fire Door Safety Week to help protect certification within specifications and raise the profile of legacy and maintenance issues
  • Launched the UK’s first Diploma qualification associated with fire doors (DipFD)
  • Launched Europe’s first 3rd-party accredited Fire Door Inspection Scheme
  • Contributed towards the development of the Building Regulations relating to fire doors
  • Launched a new Vocational Qualification in Fire Door Installation, leading to the inclusion of Fire Door Installation on a CSCS card
  • Developed a network of Approved Fire Door Centres across the UK

The strategy is achieved in accordance with a business plan agreed by members and managed by the Alliance’s Management Committee (made up of members and core suppliers) – the Fire Door Alliance remains market leading and member led.

Become a member of the BWF Fire Door Alliance

If you are a manufacturer of fire doors, fire doorsets or supporting components and believe that third-party certification is the only way to guarantee product performance, then why not join us.

We're Stronger Together

The Fire Door Alliance represents around 8% of the fire doors sold in the UK. With members ranging from 2 to over 500 employees, the Alliance caters for the needs of all companies for promotion, guidance and advice.

Membership of the Scheme means:

  • Your products will meet the demand for accredited fire doors
  • You will be part of the market leading 3rd party accreditation scheme
  • Technical support and advice from BWF
  • Access to exclusive online training
  • Promotional campaigns and support material
  • Representative support for the industry.
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