Licensed Fire Door Processors

A Licensed Door Processor is a joinery firm which takes a specified certificated fire door leaf from a Prime Door Manufacturer in the Scheme OR a certificated fire door blank from a Blank Manufacturer *, and conducts one or more of the following processes on the product:

  • Sizing of blank
  • Lipping of blank or re-lipping of leaf
  • Application of cosmetic face
  • Trimming of doors (where permitted by the certification)
  • The cutting of aperture(s) for glazing, air transfer grilles, letterplates, etc.
  • The glazing of apertures
  • The manufacture of door frames with or without hardware
  • The manufacture of doorsets and doorkits

NOTE: The Blank Manufacturer MUST have a blank with a certificate by Warrington Fire Testing and Certification Limited (WTCL) (Certifire) or Elements BM TRADA (Q-Mark).

Criteria for Joining

To join as a Licensed Door Processor, you will need to fulfill the following:

  • Be a member of the BWF
  • Have a Factory Production Control (FPC) system audited by WTCL or BM TRADA
    or ISO 9001:2015. The latter can be carried out by any UKAS accredited certification body
  • Decide what process you would like to be certificated (licensed) for:
    1.  To fit vision panels, supply doorsets, manufacture door frames etc. and to which prime door manufacturer you wish to be licensed.
    2.  To manufacture door leaves, cut apertures, glaze, supply door frames for doors made from door blanks.
    3.  Both operations described above.

NOTE: You MUST contact the Prime Door Manufacturer and/or blank manufacturer and obtain their permission to proceed before applying for membership.
(You may nominate one or more company once permission has been granted)

  • Certification – Certification must be undertaken by WTCL or BM TRADA. The basis for initial certification is an audit of your company’s manufacturing process to ensure all fire doors are being manufactured within the scope of your valid test evidence.
  • Yearly audits are required to maintain certification.

The Scheme requires the use of a tamper evident label, identifying the door’s rating, the fire test certificate number, a unique serial number and the name and phone number of the manufacturer. This makes the label traceable throughout the supply chain.

To ensure traceability, CAF Labels are applied alongside the prime door manufacturer’s original label OR alongside a label denoting the blank type.

Labels are available exclusively from the BWF.

An non-refundable Application Fee of £250 is charged which is offset against membership once the certification process is completed.

Membership information leaflet

Licensed Fire Door Processors