New cost-effective certification procedure for Fire Doors allows the cascading of test evidence from the Blank Manufacturer

Over the past year, BWF has worked with WCL to improve the process of certification through the BWF CERTIFIRE Scheme to provide cost-effective certification support to those companies either modifying door leaves or making fire doors from a blank. The aim is to give reassurance within your business and to your clients that your doors will perform when needed.  This new certification procedure allows the cascading of test evidence from the Blank Manufacturer , which means that you, as a processor, may not need to carry out expensive testing.  The process is based on a combination of controlled cascading of the blank's test evidence, specialist training (much of which can be done online) and auditing, and can be added to your existing CERTIFIRE certification (CAF).

It is our aim to ensure that all fire doors sold in the UK are done so under robust certification, this means that we as a sector can minimise the chance of product failure in the event of a fire and save lives and property.  All training resources are freely available to scheme members and you also benefit from the extensive marketing, the expert support of the BWF and WCL technical teams and to support you in preparing for upcoming issues such as managing the CE Marking of fire doorsets.

More detail is provided in the introduction guide which can be found on the BWF-CERTIFIRE website.  If you are supplying fire doors, please do get in touch and we would be happy to answer any questions that you may have and to support you through the process of certification.

Finally the award winning Fire Door Safety Week mass market awareness campaign run by the BWF is scheduled to take place 14th-20th September visit to find out how you can get involved.