How can Approved Document B (Fire) be developed to improve usability? Your views are needed

Two surveys have been published regarding Approved Document B (Fire) in an effort to understand further how the documents could be developed to improve usability and clarity. One by the Fire Sector Federation Built Environment Work group and one by RIBA on behalf of DCLG.

The first stages of the research project are specifically looking at definitions, language and usability of the documents and If you would like to reply to the questionnaire, please do so asap, using the links below.

Fire Sector Federation Survey (BWF):

RIBA (DCLG) survey: //

Alternatively if you would also like to provide comments directly back to BWF, please email them to asap and we can then take your comments forward to the specific work groups that are involved in this project.

The main information that we are looking to gather at this time are:
•         Who uses Approved Document B?
•         How do they use it?
•         Does the documents need more definitions?
•         What elements would improve the document and make it easier to understand?
•         What do you think of the format of the document?
•         What do you think of the language?
•         Any other comments on the language or usability of the document.  
•         Any other comments

Please be aware that there has been no official announcement regarding a revision of Approved Document B, however the BWF can advise that they are working closely with key stakeholders and are expecting further news, possibly as early as April.

We will be keeping members informed through our scheme communications and newsletters, but if you have got a specific interest in this area of fire safety and would like to become more closely involved in the workgroups, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss.