Fire doors hold back fire in school : dramatic pictures

It is rare that, other than in test conditions, the vital role that fire doors play in protecting lives and property is seen first hand.Fire doors hold back fire in school : dramatic pictures

However, in pictures recently released by Dorset Fire & Rescue Service the ability of fire doors to restrict damage was clearly demonstrated.

They show the results of a fire that started on the roof of a school near Poole.  Because it happened during school holidays it had been burning for more than hour before the 999 call was made.  By the time fire engines arrived it was impossible for the fire officers to get near to it so that it continued to blaze unsuppressed for hours.

Andy Fox, Head of Fire Safety at Dorset Fire & Rescue Service says: “We took photos in the aftermath of this school fire, which clearly show the value of fire doors.  It’s usually difficult to describe just how important they are but these pictures need no description and show exactly how effective correctly installed and maintained fire doors can be.”

Neil Ashdown, General Manager of the Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS) adds: “These images show just how important it is to ensure that people responsible for fire door installation and maintenance are aware of the faults we see.  From gaps between doors and frames and unsuitable hinges to incorrectly fitted or missing seals, the problems are all too common. It is crucial that before a fire occurs these issues are addressed and an effective inspection regime is in place so that all fire doors can work as well as these.”

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