Problems with Fire Doors?

Do you have problems with the certification of your fire doors, or wish to report an issue you aren’t able to resolve?

Problems with Fire Doors?

The BWF-CERTIFIRE Scheme is dedicated to raising standards across the Fire Door and Woodworking Industry in the UK and will provide support in helping to clarify detail and further any concern associated with Fire Doors with the appropriate company, certification body, association or government department (e.g. Trading Standards).

This process DOES NOT include BWF arranging for a site visit (unless paid for by either party), rectification or completion of the work or paying you compensation nor making you any other financial award.

Usage of this process is not restricted to doors certificated or allegedly certificated via BWF-CERTIFIRE, but it should be noted that the BWF-CERTIFIRE Scheme is a membership body and consequently there are no sanctions that can be applied to those outside of membership of BWF or BWF-CERTIFIRE.

Contact us here for a Fire Door Dispute Form

What we do with the information.

1.    Once we receive your completed dispute form, we will extract the relevant details from the form and pass them to the company or organisation in question.
Please remember to provide the address where the works have been carried out, if these are different from your given address.

2.    By signing the form you are giving your permission for all details contained to be taken up with the appropriate certification company.

3.    We will not deal with anonymous complaints, but commit not to disclose details of complainant to the company / organisation about which you are complaining unless deemed necessary and given via our report form or subsequently to do so. Our ability to support may be limited if details cannot be disclosed.

4.    We will then ask the company to respond within 14 days.
If the company does not respond, we will send them a reminder and ask them to respond within another seven days.
If they still do not reply, we will send them a final warning letter which they must respond to within seven days.
When we receive the company’s response, we will forward the details to you and will assist in trying to sort out the complaint.