Fire Door Procurement ToolThis interactive tool is designed to support anyone in the fire door supply chain to manage the sales and procurement process, from raw material or component supplier, right through to the customer.

It has been spilt up into sections to lead you through your responsibilities and actions at every stage of the process and features a range of interactive checklists, diagrams and videos.  The sections are as follows.

• A Basic Introduction to Fire doors
• Design and Specification
• Ordering and Procurement
• Delivery and Storage
• Installation
• Using, Maintenance and Inspection

You can download the tool, designed to work on any smartphone, tablet or laptop that has an Adobe Reader by clicking on the link below (please note this is not compatible with all pdf readers and it is recommended that you download the official Adobe Reader in order to maintain functionality).

Download the new BWF Certifire Fire Door Procurement Tool here (please not that due to a file size of over 60 MB this file is hosted on a cloud storage site “Dropbox” and will open in a new window on your browser).

NB:  The option to download will be on the page served by the link above, trying to view through dropbox will limit functionality