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Why Third-Party Certification is of Critical Importance for Glazed Fire Doors

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In this blog, Gary Crew, Technical Manager at JB Kind Doors discusses why third-party certification is of critical importance for glazed fire doors

Over the past few years, there has been a big increase in focus on the importance of proper safety procedures in glazed fire doors, as well as their non-glazed versions.

As with a solid fire door, a glazed fire door must have evidence that it will perform in a fire for the minimum required time, like 30, 60 or 90 minutes. As such, there are some added complexities to a glazed fire door: for example, not only do they need to be manufactured and fitted correctly, but there are also regulations on the size and positioning of the aperture.

The fire door’s certification will detail what is allowed but all glazed fire doors should be supplied by the manufacturer (or a third-party certificated processor), as fully glazed items. It is useful when ordering glazed fire doors to know that all certificated doors must be glazed through a third-party certification process. So, what are the benefits of this?

Benefits of certificated glazed fire doors 

When you order a certificated glazed fire door, there will be a laid down process which is clearly set out in the technical schedules

of the third-party scheme. That gives you peace of mind that your glazed fire doors have been correctly manufactured to the highest standards. In addition, the certified company will be audited at least once a year to ensure that processes are being followed year on year. If you order a glazed fire door from a non-third-party company, you will not have that same certainty that the rules are being correctly followed.

In terms of what is required of third-party door suppliers, they must follow the rules that are set out in the third-party fire certificate. Alongside this is a data sheet that states what can and cannot be done when the door is fitted.

When ordering your glazed fire doors, it is important to ask your supplier if they have third-party certification with an audit procedure in place. If they do not, you cannot be 100 per cent sure that the glazed fire doors will perform properly, should a fire break out. Before placing your order, ask for a copy of the third-party certification and data sheet. This data sheet will hold key information.

Under the third-party certification schemes, manufacturers are required to include a copy of the data sheet with every door. It will include fitting instructions as well as what door frame materials, intumescent seals and ironmongery can be used.

To make the process far easier, your door supplier may be able to do a lot of the work for you.

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